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Funding Programs:

Lombardo Enterprises Inc. Is A Business Solutions Company. We Are Not A Financial Institution. We Work With You While We Assess Your Business Internally. We Submit Your Company To Our List Of Lenders, VCs and Funding Sources. Our Job Is To Find The Best Financial Fit For You.

Business Starter
This is our beginners in business program that comes with a business coach and funding up to $50,000 in cash, cards, lines of credit and equipment to help young entrepreneurs and newer companies get their feet wet in business. This program was created alleviate the fear of failing due to zero to low capital. This program stemmed from our youth involvement, disadvantaged visionaries, adult school dreamers and small business ideas that come through our system on a daily basis. Fill out the form and we will have a personalized business representative call you and walk you through to the Starting Line to SUCCESS.

Mid Level
We felt a need to create a program for the community business thet can’t seem to find a yes from any institution. We surveyed 100 small community businesses and 90% of them felt they were underfunded and lacked the opportunity to grow because there was no funding program that fit their business level. We focused on lightening the criteria and believing in the dream, as long as the company agreed than assessment and the services of a Lombardo Enterprises Inc. expert. This program is our pride and joy. We touch family owned businesses, start ups, individuals and transitional companies that just need a little boost. These companies become our babies. Rebrands, sites, equipment improvements, 2nd locations, menu upgrades and new technology fuel this program up to $100,000.

Growth Combo
At Lombardo Enterprises Inc., we know growing your business is filled with obstacles and dilemmas. You need the proper equipment and the capital to expand your workforce to operate it. We feel this is pivotal point in business. Cutting cost, improving efficiency through better equipment, hiring the best talent available and expansion can make the difference in business success or failure. This program mixes working capital and equipment funding up to $150,000. Please submit your company info and check the Growth Combo Box and start growing your company.

Working Capital
Our working capital program was created to ensure that funding is not the reason your business fails. We understand the dynamics in growth a business faces on a daily basis so we offer a working capital program that will not stifle maintenance, scaling, or profitability. We wanted to be different then the others that focus on daily ACH and High Interest set up to fail opportunities. Our programs start from $50,000 to $500,000. Fill out the corporate intake form with all necessary documentation and one of our representatives will contact within 5 days with an initial business assessment.