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Business & Advisory Accounts:

  • Many financial plans include at least some weighting in stocks and/or mutual funds. While historically equities have tended to rise in value over the long term, they carry a certain amount of risk, both for long- and short-term investors.
  • It is therefore imperative that you have realistic financial goals and investment objectives in place before you begin to invest.
  • Whether you are a seasoned or novice investor, the information in these links can help you learn about different types of financial products and services and which may be appropriate for you given your unique circumstances.

Optimum Market Portfolios
A sophisticated asset allocation strategy that includes Optimum Funds, a series of mutual funds from Delaware Investments1, and automatic portfolio rebalancing.

BENEFITS- One Step Portfolio | Managed | Auto-rebalancing

Strategic Asset Management
Uses strategic asset allocation to provide the ability to buy, sell, and hold a wide variety of investments, including but not limited to stocks, bonds, and mutual funds, all in one convenient account.

BENEFITS- Personalized | Guidance option | Simplicity

Personal Wealth Portfolios
A convenient, one account approach for using a combination of separately managed accounts, mutual funds, and exchange-traded funds (ETFs), or just separately managed accounts.

BENEFITS- Personalized | Guidance option | Simplicity

Manager Select
A traditional separately managed account program that gives you the ability to access premier providers of private wealth management services without extremely high account minimums.

BENEFITS- Respected Managers | Customized | Personal team

Model Wealth Portfolios
Helps you realize your goals through an asset allocation strategy that provides a disciplined investment process backed by expert resources.

Contributions for each phase of your business

Your objectives for now and later on are our primary target. Lombardo has an assortment of systems accessible to entrepreneurs that can help get you there.

Business assurance and conservation arranging

* Funding purchase offer arrangements

Buy-offer understandings set the cost and terms at which one entrepreneur will pitch offers to the next (or to an outsider) in case of a passing, inability or booked takeoff. In the event that something transpires, your family gets protection continues in return for your offer of the business.

* Key man life insurance
This sort of disaster protection covers workers who are basic to your business’ prosperity. On the off chance that a key representative kicks the bucket, the protection helps counterbalance an interruption in deals or creation, missed business openings, credit challenges, or the cost of preparing a substitution.

* Key man inability wage insurance
If a key representative endures incapacitating damage or sickness, the business gets either consistent wage or a single amount installment that can be utilized to prepare a substitution or to supplement salary until the point when the worker returns.

* Life insurance
A individual extra security approach can supplant your wage and ensure your family in the event that you bite the dust rashly. This sort of strategy can likewise give continues to your business to help guarantee that it proceeds.

* Annuities

* An annuity is an understanding amongst you and an insurance agency that gives you a chance to seek after collection through venture choices to help give you a wage stream when you are prepared to resign.

* Business progression designs

* To guarantee that your business goes to your optimal successor, painstakingly create a business progression arrange for that unmistakably expresses who will in the long run get the business, deal value, buy terms and conceivable trigger occasions.

* Writing a business sucession plan
A fruitful business progression design plots who, how and when your business will go to someone else or organization when you resign, are incapacitated, or pass away. Most designs include a purchase offer assention, secured with disaster protection or an advance.

Official maintenance and advantage programs

* Executive reward plans
This sort of retirement reserve funds design is financed with an official reward. Commitments are assess deductible for the business. The cash gathers charge conceded and is for the most part dispersed tax-exempt. The arrangement requires no IRS endorsement, is anything but difficult to set up and can be ended whenever.

* Split-dollar arrangements
Premium installments, approach benefits or both are shared between the business and a key representative. A split-dollar strategy can enable you to pull in and hold key representatives by furnishing them with bring down cost extra security scope.

* Nonqualified conceded compensation
These courses of action give retirement salary — and frequently passing or inability benefits or both — to a select gathering of generously compensated workers. These courses of action are most appropriate for officials who have achieved the greatest suitable retirement design commitments, and they furnish a motivation to remain with the organization all through progression.

Qualified designs

Retirement reserve funds designs can give a duty finding to your business and the advantage of expense deferral for you. There are numerous alternatives accessible to meet your individual needs.

* 401k qualified retirement design

* DC Profit-sharing designs

* SEP IRA (Simplified Employee Pension Plan)

* SIMPLE (Savings Incentive Match Plan for Employees)

* Owners 401(k)

* Defined Benefit (DB)

* Cash Balance/DB

* DB(k)

Domain arranging systems

Domain arranging systems to enable you to ensure that the responsibility for business or its esteem goes to your beneficiaries precisely as you want it, in an expense productive manner.

* Business valuation services*
An autonomous valuation of your business can enable you to comprehend what your business would really be worth if sold. In the event that you plan to offer, give or hand down your business to a relative, you should have an IRS-guaranteed valuation.

* Estate evening out procedures
Strategies that empower you to leave responsibility for business to those relatives most fitting to get it while repaying other relatives who ought not be given a proprietorship enthusiasm for the business.

Worker Benefits

Help workers secure themselves and their families — with moderate rates and restricted cost to your business. Offering benefits at the work environment can enable you to pull in and hold representatives. With Lombardo’s exhaustive representative advantages item suite, your workers can be furnished with the scope they require and the plans they prefer. Our subordinate items, including dental, vision, life, short-and long haul inability, deductible protection, healing facility additionally, and basic disease, workers can be better shielded from sudden therapeutic expenses or loss of pay.

* Short-term inability insurance
When acquired for yourself, this protection can enable you to oversee costs on the off chance that you turn out to be briefly handicapped (for one year or less). At the point when included as a representative advantage, assemble plans are commonly more affordable, intentional projects in which workers pay some portion of the expenses.

* Long-term inability insurance
When acquired for yourself, this protection can enable you to oversee costs in the event that you encounter long haul incapacity (for quite a while or forever). At the point when included as a worker advantage, bunch designs are normally more affordable, willful projects in which representatives pay some portion of the expenses.

*Business valuation administrations not offered through Lombardo